Oriflame Fragrance Launch

The main topic of the event was the launch of a new fragrance sponsored by an Artist.

There was a performance in which the choreographic live talent interacted with previously recorded talent that was being projected on screens. Also, various objects such as the bottle and elements of the fragrance formula interacted with the talent as they were projected.

Also throughout the event, there were projections of several presentations by executives from different latitudes.

Client: ORIFLAME México

Name of the event: Fragrance Launch

Guests: 2,800: Company executives from different countries, Region associates.

Production features:

  • Production of graphics for projection on giant figures shaped like the bottle of the fragrance in question and the artist who represented the fragrance brand.
  • Live choreographic talent
  • Panoramic projection
  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Stage design and production
  • 3-camera Closed circuit